Using Cannabis to Move Away from the 'Sexual Escalator' Model | Leafly
Tuesday, Jan 3, 2017

You meet a new person. You catch their eye and smile. You feel the butterflies fluttering in your belly and you approach them. Surprise! They’re interested too! You’ve both stepped onto the first step of the sexual escalator.

Over the next few hours/days/weeks/months (it’s different for everyone), you start taking steps toward increasing your sexual contact. Perhaps you begin by holding hands and cuddling, or maybe you jump right into kissing. Then making out. Then making out while lying down with your bodies pressed up against each other. (First base). Sometimes this leads to “dry humping.” Then hands start wandering, caressing bare skin. At some point, pants come off and you look upon each other’s bits for the first time. Perhaps some hand to genital contact occurs here. (Second base). Next comes oral sex. (Third base). Finally, there’s penetrative intercourse. (A home run!)

Sex and Cannabis: 6 Ways You Can Enhance Your Intimacy

Sound familiar? Most of us grew up with something similar to this in our heads as the model of the way sex is meant to happen. The timetable doesn’t matter, but it’s definitely a linear progression. I’ve had lots of couples lament that once they started “having sex” (by which they mean genital intercourse), they often skipped making out as an end goal or the sexy sensation of wandering hands. Genital penetration and orgasm becomes the focus, and everything else fades into the background of just a brief stop along the way to the main event.

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