Vaping 101: How to Use Your Vape Pen

Your vape pen, which may also go by the name wax pen, dry herb vape pen, or vaporizer pen, is a portable vaporizer that falls into its own class by virtue of its discreet, pen-shaped design. By resembling a pen or ecigarette, these vaporizers are an especially stealthy way to medicate. They’re also ideal for on-the-go vaping.

Here’s the best vape pen advice for getting started right out of the box.

Step 1. Power Up

While some vape pen batteries come charged, many will require charging before use. It can take awhile for some batteries to fully charge, so get a head start and begin powering up as soon as you receive your new vaporizer. You can also benefit from buying two batteries, so you can keep your vape pen consistently charged for vaping on-demand anytime.

Step 2. Do Your Research

Every vape has its quirks and perks. Knowing how to operate your vaporizer correctly and troubleshoot any issue that might pop-up makes for a more seamless vaping experience.

For instance, conduction-style vaporizers sometimes vaporize herb or wax concentrates a little unevenly. That’s because the vaping material sits directly on the heating element in the chamber. Naturally, the material closest to the atomizer is going to vaporize more thoroughly than the material that’s not. By utilizing a stir tool, generally included in your vaporizer kit, you can simply stir around the dry herb or oil concentrate in between hits for even vaporization.

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