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Saturday, Jan 30, 2016

I would say that the most common e-mail/message that I get from readers involves asking for tips on how to land a job in the marijuana industry. I have people contact me from all over the world asking how they can get in on the most exciting industry on the planet right now. I can’t blame them. Most ‘normal’ jobs are lame, and are hard to get fired up about. But for a cannabis enthusiast, there’s nothing better than the thought of being able to make a career out of something that they have so much passion for.

There are a lot of cannabis jobs out there, but there are also a lot of people applying for those jobs. Some areas have more jobs than others, and some companies are more desirable to work for than others. Getting a job in the cannabis industry is not the same as getting a job at the local restaurant. An applicant needs to know where to apply, and how to stand out from the crowd. Cannabis business owners are looking for very specific skill sets and personalities, so having your application, resume, and interview strategy dialed in is very important.