Warm Weather Cannatourism Destinations for Your Summer Vacation


You won’t even need a passport to enjoy the sunny shores and unspoilt nature of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Comprised of three small islands in the Caribbean, the U.S. Virgin Islands offer a little something for everyone- whether you enjoy the nightlife or nature walks or some of the best scuba diving sites on the planet. Though the islands are of course under the legal jurisdiction of the United States federal government, cannabis has been decriminalized on the islands without much fanfare. This means that visitors and residents can now possess up to an ounce of marijuana at a time without fearing imprisonment. There could be a fine associated with being caught with that much, but it won’t ruin your vacation. A little discretion and responsible use will ensure that that doesn’t become a problem for you, though. Choose cannabis friendly accommodations and you will be all set to kick back, relax, and enjoy all that the islands have to offer.



When brainstorming cannabis friendly vacation spots, Southeast Asian countries may not immediately come to mind, but Cambodia is a safe haven in a part of the world where many countries take a strict stance on drug use. Cannabis is still technically illegal in Cambodia, but nevertheless it is one of the country’s biggest exports and locals openly smoke it, cook with it, and use it medicinally. There’s even a pizza place there called Happy Herb Pizza where you can get various strains of cannabis as a topping on your pie! If you’re looking for a tropical vacation in Asia where you can explore ancient temples, hike through the jungle to stunning views of waterfalls, and enjoy the hustle and bustle of a vibrant market, all while enjoying a little marijuana, Cambodia is the place for you.