Washington Marijuana Laws | Kush Tourism

Friday, Oct 3, 2014

Seattle is currently pushing legislation to allow vapor lounges but as of now nothing has passed. Although there are not currently any vapor lounges or coffee bars that allow you to light up similar to Amsterdam, there are a number of businesses in Seattle that fall into the speakeasy category.  You will not find them listed publicly as they operating in a legal grey area, but they do exist. Use your nose.

Discretion is often the best advice to give a traveler. As long as you’re are not causing an issue or being irresponsible, law enforcement tends to turn a blind eye. An easy way to get away with public consumption is by using vape pens filled with concentrate.  Many vape pens do not smell or draw any extra attention. Most people believe it is an E-Cigarette.

In the first 7 months of legalization, Seattle PD issued around 100 tickets for public consumption, but a vast majority of them were issued by the same officer, Randy Jokela. Seattle City Attorney, Pete Holmes, recently dismissed all 100 tickets due to their unprofessional nature! Officer Jokela is now under official investigation by the Office of Professional Accountability.