Watch: Episode 6 of 'Growing Exposed'—Back Country 300 • High Times
Monday, Jul 17, 2017

What do you get when you have a grower who wants to set up a high-end, custom-built grow operation nestled in an old growth forest in a remote area of British Columbia?

With the help of our garden tour-guide Justin Cooper, a 20-year veteran in the hydroponics industry, we’ll find out in the sixth episode of Growing Exposed.

Red doors mean fortune in Chinese culture, and behind the red doors of solid steel is a vast fortune of green gold called Super Kush. With just under 1 million BTUs of air conditioning, 300 HID lights and 600 amps of 3-phase power, this grower has designed a facility that produces some of the most potent and high-quality cannabis in the world today.

Jeremy Deichen, producer of the series Growing Exposed noted: “The first thing I noticed during filming is the growers here are not messing around when it comes to security.”

Heavy-duty steel doors, armor-coated from top to bottom, were evident in each of the four 80 light rooms.

The intense heat produced by approximately 300 HID lights is cooled by a long row of 5-tonne air conditioners that produce an astounding total of just fewer than 1 million BTUs. The grower has a simple set-up, which often works the best. Everything is completely automated and irrigation systems are accessible. They use rows of troughs lined with 15-gallon pots, set up with three drip emitters feeding at two gallons per hour.