Weedguide Gift Guide: 3 Luxury Cannabis Gifts (and 3 Affordable Alternatives) - Weedguide

Wednesday, Dec 19, 2018

At Weedguide, we love keeping an eye out for luxury accessories that enhance our cannabis consumption experience. But we’ve also seen some products so extravagant and expensive that the only way we’ll get to try them is if we win the lottery.

In this holiday gift guide, we share the goods on 3 over-the-top cannabis luxury gifts for when money is no object. And for those of us on smaller budgets, we’ve also tracked down 3 very cool alternatives that offer a pretty decent amount of bang for a lot fewer bucks.

The Million Dollar BongThe Throne is a nearly two-foot tall, 11-inch wide functional bong that costs a whopping $1,000,000. Four renowned glass artists collaborated on this stunning work of art that features a “one foot tall goddess” flanked by beautifully detailed skulls and sitting upon a throne of bones.

The Affordable AlternativeWe saw MyBudVase in person at this year’s MJBizCon and became completely obsessed. Each of these gorgeous 11.5-inch tall vases also doubles as a working bong, so which type of flowers to use it for and when is entirely up to you. There are a variety of silhouettes and colors, and prices range from $79 to $350 for this model.