Weedguide’s Top 10 Cannabis-Infused Holiday Recipes - Weedguide

Thursday, Dec 20, 2018

Few things mark the festivity of the holiday season like savory nibbles and decadent desserts. And for cannabis enthusiasts this time of year is perfect for making deliciously creative edibles. Between its ability to address pain, anxiety, insomnia and other ailments, cannabis can be particularly helpful resource during the holidays, and making your own infused products is a fun, more personalized way to address your needs this winter.

So here’s gift guide where we researched and found 10 mouth-watering holiday recipes that feature cannabis as a key ingredient.


Not only does everybody loves Christmas cookies, they’re super easy to make. We searched high and low and found this tasty recipe for cannabis infused sugar cookies, including a bonus recipe for cannabis frosting (mmm, frosting).

For another option, check out this gem from Viceland’s weed cooking show Bong Apétite. In the video, the delightful Nonna Marijuana bring a little joy to the world as she shows host Abdullah Saeed how to make marijuana cookies and Christmas egg nug.