What Are Marijuana Edibles?


Marijuana edibles are an alternative to smoking cannabis. In a nutshell, they are cannabis-infused foods. Instead of the cannabinoids entering the body through the lungs, like with smoking, edibles introduce them through the GI tract.

Edibles come in many shapes and sizes. Although you might be more aware of marijuana brownies, edibles can also come in the form of cakes, hard candies, gummies, cookies, infused drinks and tinctures, and other consumables. The easiest way to make edibles is to replace butter in a recipe for cannabis-infused butter, but you can also use hash oil or infused cannabis oil.

Edibles are both convenient and discreet. They allow patients to ingest their drug without having to fill the whole space with smoke or deal with the lingering smell. They can simply eat a cookie or a brownie and feel the same relief as they would by smoking marijuana. This is also convenient in areas where smoking isn’t allowed.

Patients who eat edibles also feel stronger effects that last longer, which is one of the greatest benefits. Taken at the right dose, edibles can offer many more hours of relief than smoking—those who smoke medical marijuana would have to consume more for the same effect during a comparable period of time.