What are Solventless Cannabis Concentrates? - MassRoots


Amid the wave of recreational legalization sweeping the United States, new cannabis products and brands are being introduced on a weekly basis. Many of these forms of alternative consumption allow fans of the culture to avoid smoking flowers (buds) and fall under the category of concentrates. They are sometimes known as extracts (an extraction process results in a concentrate derived from part of a cannabis plant).

Concentrates offer the benefits of fast onset (extremely valuable for patients requiring quick relief), potent effect, vaporization, and the ability to carry a weekend of medicine or recreation in one’s pocket (great for traveling). Vape pens and small viles of concentrate — vaped or smoked in a pipe or joint — offer convenience and stealth for patients who must medicate throughout the day, especially those who maintain jobs.

The most common concentrate, without a doubt, is Butane Hash Oil, more commonly known as BHO and often called honey oil in many parts of the U.S. and Canada. BHO can be made by backyard experimenters who don’t mind risking their lives with a highly volatile explosive like butane to produce a concentrate that helps them get their high on or treat their ailment. Other popular concentrates made with potentially harmful solvents include CO2 oil and live resin.

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