What Are Terpenes and What Do They Do? – WeedSeedShop

Monday, Aug 28, 2017

Although humans have been scientifically exploring the potential of terpenes for healing, we have only recently begun delving into their role within the world of marijuana. Terpenes may be responsible for many of the medicinal benefits experienced by marijuana users. In fact, terpenes from many other plants are used regularly for their therapeutic value.

Solvents and cannabinoids are important constituents of marijuana, but the role of terpenes is just as significant, although our knowledge about them is still growing. Understanding their job in the cannabis plant gives you a more holistic appreciation for the medical components of this magical plant.

A terpene is essentially a hydrocarbon that is found in the essential oil of plants. It has at least 10 carbon molecules and 16 hydrogen molecules. Terpenes are not unique to marijuana, and are a component of many other plants. They are what offer the aromatic quality to herbs and flowers. So as you can imagine, your herb garden is full of plants that are rich in terpenes. These compounds also contribute to the flavour and colour of the plant that they inhabit. Plants with a strong aromatic profile are considered to be full of terpene.