What Are Terpenes And Why Are They Important?


We all are aware what THC and CBDare, but I am sure 99% would not have a clue what Terpenes are. Along with Cannabinoids, THC and CBD, Terpenes have become the new buzz word in the Cannabis world. But like with all other things, and informed person is far better off than one that believes they know what he or she is talking about but really is not hitting the target.



What are Terpenes then? Terpenes are a set of relative simple organic molecules present in all living organisms. Most aromas and flavors in a plant come from terpenes. Terpenes have a lot of power and Cannabis and other plants share many of the same terpenes. Terpenes are made up of carbon and hydrogen and are produced by many plants and also some insects. When they are dried, they are referred to as Terpenoids. They are the principle ingredient in plant resin or essential oils. Amongst many other very important roles they play in the plant and animal kingdom, they act as chemical building blocks for more complex molecules like cannabinoids and certain hormones.

Limonene – It has a citrus flavor and helps with weight loss, treats and prevents cancer and is good for bronchitis. It also allows penetration of the skin better when used in creams. Super Lemon Haze is a good strain. Myrcene- has a musk and robust earthy smell and is proven to be a very effective anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer. It also functions as a sedative. The tired heavy feeling when smoking indica strands is because of Myrcene. Most strains have myrcene but Lovrin110 has more than 65%. Linalool- has a spicy-floral smell and can also be found in mint, cinnamon and many flowers as to even some fungi. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to control motor movements. It also treats liver-cancer. Amnesia Hazehas some linalool. Delta 3 Carene- is earthy and Piney and is also an effective anti-inflammatory and dry fluids like tears or heavy menstrual flow. Many of the different cannabis strains contain Delta 3 Carene. Carryophyllene- reminds you of hops and hops and cannabis are basically related. It is good for treating depression and anxiety. Soil grown cannabis contains .33 % of Carryophyllene while it greatly gets reduced to .07% in hydroponics.