What are the Best Strains from Humboldt to Grow Outdoors?

Thursday, Jan 10, 2019

We’ve got the answers.



When breeders work hard behind the scenes, the initial traits purposely bred into the next generation of lineage could have a lot to do with environmental factors.

Knowing the traits in which certain strains were designed can help you grow a consistent flowering strain that jives with your environment. Below are many factors to consider when choosing the strain to grow outdoors.

Courtesy of Humboldt Seeds

Weather Conditions

Where you are located, and the type of climate you experience can play a huge role in the performance of your cannabis plants. In Humboldt, there are many different geo-zones. Each strain is adapted to grow through all types of weather.

Researching the traits of each strain before investing in seeds can save a lot of future trouble. Getting caught up in the hype of the latest strains and selecting something out of relevance rather than practicality is an easy mistake and one that can be costly in many ways.