What can cannabis learn from the tech industry? Q&A with Carol Bartz

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Carol Bartz has had a front-row seat to the nation’s technology boom dating back decades. The former Yahoo CEO sees parallels between today’s cannabis industry and high tech.

“It’s like being back in tech 20 years ago,” Bartz told CNBC earlier this year. “It’s like so much growth potential, so many ways to change people’s lives, and so, I’m in.”

In March, Bartz was appointed board chair of Caliva, a California-based vertically integrated cannabis company. She brings to Caliva a deep understanding of the tech industry.

Bartz programmed her first computer in 1968, managed Sun Microsystems’ global operations in the 1980s and 1990s and led Autodesk and Yahoo before being infamously dismissed by Yahoo’s board in 2011.

Last September, Bartz learned through her board connections how cannabis cream can be used to soothe tennis-related aches. A golfer who has had two knee replacements, she decided to visit California medical and recreational cannabis stores.

“It was important for me to figure out what each dispensary would recommend – and why – so I started educating myself through the consumer side,” Bartz said.