What is CBD (Cannabidiol)? The Basics – WeedSeedShop

Friday, Sep 22, 2017

Things are changing in the cannabis world, and what we all used to know simply as weed has become a convoluted system of terms and symbols. The discoveries we are making about the marijuana plant and its different components is giving us an understanding of how this magical plant works in our bodies.

The awareness of CBD (Cannabidiol) in the medical world has arguably changed the face of cannabis entirely. Although we have known about this cannabinoid for some time, information about it has been largely suppressed until now.

Isolating the different constituents of cannabis finally gave us an insight into the synergistic effect taking place after marijuana use, and enlightening us on how this plant uses its magical healing powers.

Many of us are more familiar with THC than with CBD, and for that reason we think that it came first. The truth is that we have been isolating some of the different compounds in marijuana since the 1800s, and we isolated CBD before we had done so with THC.

CBD was isolated and named in 1939 by Roger Adams, who had an affinity for organic chemistry and worked at the University of Illinois. This discovery wasn’t nearly as insightful as that made by Raphael Mechoulam and Y Shyo in 1963, whereby the chemical structure of CBD was finally revealed. Through this knowledge, the following year Mechoulam along with Yechiel Gaoni discovered and isolated the most famous part of marijuana we know, THC.