What is CBD Oil? Your Ultimate Guide

Friday, Mar 16, 2018

How did CBD oil come about, anyway?

Marijuana has been harvested, cultivated, and used for thousands of years. Even before people discovered that they could use it to get high, they were cultivating cannabis for medicinal uses.

However, CBD oil’s origins didn’t come until the 21st Century.

The Stanley Brothers

In 2011, the Stanley brothers in Colorado discovered that CBD might be able to slow the spread of cancerous cells.

The brothers were one of the largest marijuana breeders at the time. This was the first time they realized a high-CBD, low-THC strain might be useful for medical purposes.

They started working on creating a strain with as much CBD and as little THC as possible. This way, the medical benefits could be enjoyed without the THC high.

When they finally came up with a strain so low in THC that it had no psychoactive properties at all. They called the strain “Hippie’s Disappointment.”

Charlotte Figi

Around the same time, the parents of a young girl named Charlotte Figi were looking for a serious medical solution.