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Wednesday, Oct 4, 2017

In this contributor article, Drs. CJ Schwartz and Marie Turner of Marigene Consulting explains the basics of genetics when it comes to cannabis cultivation.

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Society is currently experiencing a revolution. Like the industrial revolution and the computer revolution, we are now experiencing the DNA revolution. The secrets to the vast and amazing abilities of living things, and human health, lie in the DNA code. So what is DNA?

DNA is a molecule, made up of 4 building blocks. These building blocks, called monomers, are referred to as nucleotides. DNA is typically found as long chains called chromosomes within the nucleus of eukaryotic cells. Despite the fact that cells cannot be observed without a microscope, each individual cell contains several feet of DNA, depending on the species. If you laid out all of the DNA in your body end-to-end, it would extend to the moon and back, multiple times.

Legend: Crossing a pest resistant (Normal) parent (DD) x a sensitive (Lesion) parent (dd) produces identical F1 plants (Dd). In the F2 we can identify stable lines (DD), using DNA sequencing, for further breeding. Thus, pest resistance would be FIXED in this strain.