What is Rick Simpson Oil?

Wednesday, Sep 13, 2017

Rick Simpson and his famous oil have both become somewhat legendary in the world of weed.  The man himself is a widely-known and outspoken advocate of medical marijuana while Rick Simpson Oil is a popular cannabis topical, which some people prefer to pure CBD oil.

Who is Rick Simpson?

Back in 1997 Rick Simpson had a bad accident in which he suffered a severe blow to the head.  This left him with high blood pressure, tinnitus and severe pain.  Conventional medicine was unable to provide him with any meaningful help, so he found himself turning to cannabis oil, which he obtained illegally.  Rick Simpson’s accident had come about while he was working with asbestos and in 2003, he was diagnosed with cancer, which doctors were unable to treat successfully so Rick Simpson decided to see what would happen if he took the cannabis oil he was already using orally and applied it as a topical directly onto the cancerous skin growths.  The result, as they say, is history and has become a documentary “Run from the Cure”.