What is the Best Delivery Method of Cannabis for Your Pet

Monday, Jan 22, 2018

Capsules, tinctures, topicals, edibles – just like cannabis medicine for humans, there are several delivery options to choose from. In this post we will examine the different types of delivery methods. Including, what to consider when choosing a product for your pet.

Gelatin capsules are a trusted medical delivery system most pet owners are familiar with. You can use it to encapsulate liquids, powders, granules, oils, extracts, and herbs in precise dosages. The versatility and familiarity of gelatin capsules make them a popular option to open and sprinkle on your pet’s food and treats.

How to determine the right size for your pet? Here is a chart from Capsuline to help you see size availability.  Make sure you consult with your veterinarian for actual size and guidelines for your pet.

As I mentioned earlier, the best way pet owners are using capsules is mixing into their pet’s food. That way, the pet doesn’t have to taste some ingredients that may turn them off.  When you sprinkle onto your pet’s food or treats, absorption in the digestive tract is much faster and reaction time is quicker. This method is probably easier than trying to stick the capsules down the pet’s throat.