What is the History Behind 710? - I Love Growing Marijuana

Thursday, Jun 28, 2018

Everyone and their dog knows the history behind 420 by now. The history behind 420 is one of the most widely spread pieces of stoner lore, so much so that even people who do not partake know what it means. This is why I’m not here to talk about 420 today. Instead I am here to talk about July 10th, aka 710. For those who are not aware, while 420 is the day devoted to all things related to smoking weed, 710 is the day that is devoted to dabbing. If you hadn’t noticed 710 upside down spells out “oil” referring of course to concentrates such as butane honey oil, aka BHO, wax, shatter, budder, etc.

Everyone loves dabs, but do you know the history behind the day of dabbing? Image Source: picluck.com

Unlike the history behind 420, no one really seems to know the history behind 710. People just began talking about it one year, around the time that dabbing began to really take off. As a matter of fact 710 didn’t even appear anywhere online until it made Urban Dictionary back in 2011. Even then, there was only a short and rather vague definition of the term. There was certainly no mention of the history of the term.