What the Heck Is Wrong With Marijuana Stocks? -- The Motley Fool

Friday, Apr 13, 2018

Right now, there are few industries growing more quickly and consistently than legal cannabis. Estimates from cannabis research firm ArcView, in partnership with BDS Analytics, call for North American sales growth to average 28% each year through 2021, leading to almost $25 billion in sales. A decade from now, we could be looking at around $47 billion in annual sales. The industry is quite literally flowering before investors' eyes.

We've also witnessed a clear and concise shift in the way the public views marijuana -- at least within the United States. Over the past year, five national polls -- CBS News, Gallup, Fox News, Pew Research Center, and the independent Quinnipiac University -- all found strong support for legalization, ranging from 59% to 64%. Quinnipiac's survey also found overwhelming favorability toward medicinal weed, with 94% of respondents in favor of legalization compared to just 4% who opposed the idea. 

With figures like this, it's no wonder that pot stocks were practically unstoppable in 2016 and 2017. Many of the largest weed stocks had gained in excess of 1,000% over the trailing-two-year period when the calendar switched over to 2018.