What to Do If You Can’t Get High Anymore [Answered]

Thursday, Jun 20, 2019

You’ve been smoking your favorite strain for months but recently you’ve noticed the high isn’t as effective as it used to be. Not being able to achieve a high is a fear many seasoned smokers have, and it can happen. Over time, your body becomes more tolerant to the cannabinoids you inhale, and you won’t experience the effects as much as you used to do. This is true for not just cannabis; our body adapts to a variety of other substances such as alcohol or sugar.

It can make you feel very frustrated and worried, but more smokers than you realize suffer from this problem. There are various methods you can try that should help you to re-experience the high you are missing; we will discuss them throughout this article. So, dispel those worries – you will get high again!

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The Bottom Line: What to Do If You Can’t Get High Anymore

One of the most effective ways to instigate a high is by detoxing your body. I know there is nothing fun about having to restrict the amount you smoke, but view it as a means to an end. By stopping any cannabinoids, the chemicals you find inside cannabis, from entering the body, you can trigger internal homeostasis. This is a state of equilibrium inside the body that essentially allows your body to return to its ‘normal’ state.

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