What to Look for in CBD Dog Treats

Wednesday, Feb 7, 2018

The number of CBD dog treats on the market grows every day, but not all products are made equal. Just like in the human world, quality varies significantly from one brand to another. Health conscious dog owners always want the best for their dogs, so what do they need to know before making their next purchase?

Although some owners might have a general idea about finding quality cannabis products, non-cannabis enthusiasts might be nervous. Can you really give a cannabis product to your pet? (The answer is yes!) While not all cannabis products are safe for pets, those made with cannabidiol (CBD), are 100 percent safe for use by both humans and our furry friends.

Following the same trend as the quest for better dog food products, there is also a shift in culture to find better dog treats as well. Dog treats were historically an afterthought, with downright scary ingredient lists. But today, everything we feed our dogs is under intense scrutiny. How are pet owners supposed to know what dog treats are suitable for their pets, let alone what constitutes a CBD dog treat?

Based on the preliminary body of research, CBD may: Reduce anxiety Promote cancer cell death and prevent cancer cell migration Reduce inflammation Soothe gastrointestinal distress