What you Need to Know About Cannabis oil for Dogs | CannaSOS


Some research has started to emerge that it is possible to use cannabis oil products to treat specific pet ailments. The debate of the importance of cannabis oil to pets especially dogs has been ongoing for sometime now. It’s obvious that there are some medical conditions whose their symptoms can be reduced by marijuana, the same medical conditions plague our pets. Of course, the same kind of treatment used on humans cannot be used on pets. Never the less we cannot rule out the possibility of our canine and furry friends benefiting from the medicinal benefits of pot.

Veterinarians have also found that the use of the cannabis oil-based products can aid in treating dogs. The veterinarians have found that the oil-based products can have positive benefits in dogs when treating ailments like seizures, cancer, and even anxiety. I write this article to enlighten you on everything you need to know concerning cannabis oil products for dogs.

Cannabis oil is the liquid that you find in the marijuana plant. In most cases, you derive the oil from the plant together with CO2, says Dr. Tim Shu, the founder, and CEO of pet cannabis company in California, VETCBD. The oil is extracted from the cannabis plant that contains trichomes. These are the glands that produce the cannabis oil.