White Widow Cannabis Strain Review And Pictures

Thursday, Dec 7, 2017

I will never, ever forget the first time I consumed the White Widow cannabis strain. In the mid-90’s my best friend Eric kept telling me he had a friend that had acquired the best cannabis he had ever seen. Considering that my friend Eric always had the best cannabis that I had ever seen, I was instantly intrigued. ‘It is the frostiest cannabis of all-time, hands down!’ he would say at the time.

This was way before the days when I could just whip out a smartphone and look at images on Google. I had visions running through my head of cannabis covered in frosty trichomes. The strain was incredibly expensive ($420 per ounce to my friend’s dealer) and extremely limited. My friend Eric got my hopes up a number of times claiming that he would be able to buy an eighth to share with me just to dash my hopes by coming back with something else.

But one day my friend delivered. It wasn’t an eighth to share like we were hoping for, but instead was just one gram that my friend paid $25 for. ‘$25 for one gram, what an idiot’ I remember thinking to myself at the time. But then he pulled the bud out of the black film container that he kept his stash in at the time (classic 90’s style), and holy sh#t, it was the absolute frostiest thing that I had ever seen before. It looked like the bud had been rolled in sugar.

(Image via Imgur)