Wholesale CBD Skin Care | Abinoid Botanicals |

Monday, Jan 29, 2018

After months of careful formulation, we are proud to present our newest skin care line: Abinoid Botanicals. With this CBD skin care line, we’ve captured the properties of nature to create powerful herbal blends for the face and body.

Featuring the benefits of full-spectrum hemp oil and other synergistic plant extracts, Abinoid Botanicals empowers you to take control of your skin naturally. In replace of harsh chemicals, each product uses a unique blend of ingredients that are found in nature. Claim your best skin with products you can feel good about.

Utilizing the benefits of mother nature’s finest, these CBD skin care products are suited for all ages and genders. Each ingredient is hand-selected for its significance in ancient and modern skin care history. The most common ingredient, however, is CBD-rich hemp oil. To the skin, CBD oil brings healing and moisturizing properties.

Each Abinoid Botanicals product makes use of a unique plant blend to achieve different results. Using these products in combination will result in healthy, glowing skin. Not only will your skin radiate, but you’ll also feel confident in knowing that the ingredients you are putting on your skin are all-natural.