Why Autism Is Driving Cannabis Legalization


Is Autism the Step-Child in the Medical Marijuana World?



With nearly 2 million people suffering from one or other form of autism, it is mind-boggling that it is not included on the list of diseases treatable with Cannabis. Up until now, there are no empirical studies showing any results on treating Autism with cannabis. This year, 2017, there is a panel discussion scheduled in Michigan to discuss the treatment of autistic children with medicinal marijuana.



Evidence supporting medical marijuana as a viable treatment for autismis piling up day-by-day. But the hands of medical doctors are still bound because of lack of studies done on the effect of cannabis on autism.



What is autism? It is a brain development disorder that begins to appear in young children and impacts mostly communication and social skills. Autism is not a specific disease but rather a vast spectrum of conditions and often gets called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Interesting enough though, some forms of Autism are a result of a lack of  endocannabinoids. Cannabis, with the phyto-cannabinoids like THC and CBD could help to balance the endocannabinoids system and therefor bring relieve to symptoms of those suffering from Autism.