Why Hemp Clothing? A Viable Solution to One of World's Major Problems

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

San Luis Obispo, April 2017— EVERYBODY knows how bad oil is for the environment. Its by products spew from the back of our cars, its thick black toxicity lays upon our gulfs when spilled, and some people can even taste the dirt and chemicals fracking adds to our water. While oil has been at the forefront of our conception of pollution, another industry lurks in its shadow (and in your shadow) and has been a harbinger of environmental damage. The clothing industry has been hiding behind our backs, giving us fast fashion and synthetic fabrics that are continuously destroying the environment in many different ways.

When four students at Cal Poly SLO discovered this fact, they became determined to enact change in any way possible. After refining uncountable plans and courses of action, one rose above them all. Bract Company: a clothing company dedicated to educating people on the endless benefits, uses, and sustainability of hemp as well as providing products that enable sustainable and affordable outdoor wear.