Why the Cannabis Industry Deserves Better Than Dana Rohrabacher

Thursday, Nov 8, 2018

Dana Rohrabacher shows remarkable compassion for the cannabis space. And a disturbing lack of empathy for many other vulnerable groups.



The cannabis industry idolizes Dana Rohrabacher. And, in many ways, he’s made it difficult not to revere him. He’s positioned himself as one of the leading political figures in the space by focusing on the reform of federal cannabis laws—the only area of politics the cannabis industry seemingly cares about. But, if this Administration’s taught us anything it’s that racism, discrimination, and inequality are synonymous with American culture—and they always have been. America is a breeding ground for these variants of hate, and it’s because of the politicians in power—including Rohrabacher.

But the Midterms showed Putin’s favorite Congressman no mercy. The Rohrabacher reign has officially ended, and everyone should be thrilled—particularly the cannabis industry. Sure, he’s done some phenomenal things for the cannabis movement, like craft an amendment that prohibits federal spending on medical dispensary raids. But when we look at the bigger picture of who Rohrabacher is and what he stands for, it’s difficult not to perceive his cannabis-related victories as a distraction from his Trump-infused agenda. Cannabis is essentially the vehicle through which Rohrabacher gleans support, and he does so specifically through the guise of compassion.