Yet Another Study Finds Marijuana Reduces Opioid Use
Wednesday, Jul 25, 2018

More people are turning to cannabis for pain relief. And that's saving lives. Comments

A new study has found that the legalization of medical marijuana in states across the country led to a drastic reduction in the number of people taking opioids through the Medicaid system.

It’s far from the first study to make the connection between legal marijuana and lower opioid use. Just this year, similar conclusions were reached in studies from Minnesota and Israel.

The difference in the new study, conducted by the University of California-San Diego and Weill Cornell Medical College, is the magnitude of marijuana’s impact on opioid use.

Looking at numbers in states that legalized medical marijuana between 1994 and 2014, the study found an almost 30 percent drop in the use of Schedule III opioids by patients in the Medicaid system.

Marijuana advocates have long backed cannabis as a pain reliever that is far safer than opioids. The message has been picked up by more people in recent years as medical marijuana legalization has spread to more states and the opioid overdose epidemic has worsened.