You can get weed delivered to your door in the District of Columbia. But is it legal?
Monday, May 22, 2017

WASHINGTON – In Washington, it is now as easy to get marijuana delivered to your front door as pizza. Really expensive pizza.

More than two years after the District of Columbia allowed residents to legally cultivate and possess cannabis for personal use, a growing gray market of companies has sprung up that will bring orders of high-priced cookies, juice, clothing or even artwork to your house, along with the “gift” of a few fat buds.

Those who want to imbibe can also pay to attend dance parties and craft fairs where vendors sell edibles and smokables at what one regular terms a “farmers market for weed.” A website called connects pot buyers and sellers. Chefs serve cannabis cuisine at ticketed events, and shoppers can buy a $42 T-shirt at a District shop and have a free sample of locally grown product tossed in the bag.

The new pot providers have started to roil the city’s four-year-old medical marijuana network, which requires patients with a prescription to pick up their cannabis in person at an official dispensary. Those operators have asked regulators to grant them authority to go door-to-door, according to Vanessa West, general manager of Metropolitan Wellness Center.

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