Your Guide to the Medical Benefits of Cannabis
Monday, Apr 16, 2018

Medical marijuana has long been thought of as something of a controversial topic. The mainstream has long been anchored in negative views of red-eyed ‘marijuana monsters’. It seems as though there is a ceaseless battle in the mainstream whether or not marijuana is in any way a positive force in the world. While this may be great to read about and interpret and discuss it does mean that those who might benefit the most from medical marijuana are still at risk. What is needed are medical cannabis resources so that people can make informed decisions.

In the past number of years, there have been great strides in the acceptance of medical cannabis as a viable treatment choice. From joint pain to chemotherapy there have been larger numbers of patients benefiting from improved medical cannabis resources. In facilities around the world, there are those who want to make sure that their patients receive the very best in care and treatment.

In order to know how marijuana might benefit you, you’ll need to know a bit about the endocannabinoid system. Basically, it is a biological network of cell receptors that exist within the body. Endocannabinoids are like the body’s naturally occurring cannabinoids– the chemicals found in marijuana. They exist literally everywhere in the body, right down to our hair follicles. The two main types of cell receptors are the CB1 and CB2 receptors. They perform a variety of different things for the body but for example, they help with sleep, appetite, mood, motor control, pain, memory, and immunities. Clearly, they hold some sway over the body and having access to medical cannabis resources may be able to help you. Here are some of the medical benefits of marijuana that might help you.